My `hi` get overridden, for some reason only in ubuntu

So this is weird, I made a colorscheme with a bunch of hi commands in a lua script run in my init.lua (I only set gui.. settings, but I have termguicolors on). On Manjaro everything worked great.

Today I start work on my work Ubuntu laptop, and the colors are all FUBAR. I tried checking what was causing it

:verbose hi Statement
Statement      xxx ctermfg=11 gui=bold guifg=#ffff60
        Last set from /tmp/.mount_nvimu1klpB/usr/share/nvim/runtime/syntax/syncolor.vim line 40

No idea why this is happening. How do I stop it? Perhaps I should define my own colorscheme but I don’t know how.


(btw, I checked if maybe it was because my $TERM was different, but it doesn’t seem to be that)

I seem to have been able to fix this by doing

vim.g.colors_name = "somename"

in the script where I set all the colors. I guess now this considers everything called from my init.lua to b part of that colorscheme?