Floaterm transparency winblend

How would I add transparency to a floaterm window (or any window, say fzf's :Files)?

in the help it mentions blend (which mentions winblend), but I can’t seem to get it to work.

This is what I tried

nnoremap <silent>   <c-\>   :FloatermToggle --winblend=30<CR>
hi Floaterm guibg=black blend=30
hi FloatermBorder guibg=black guifg=black blend=30

You can globally config like
set winblend = 30
since this only affects the floating window.
I tried, it works on floaterm and fzf.

However, I personally think it is ugly, since you can see the code behind it.
If you only want to be transparent to the background image, you can config like
hi Floaterm guibg=none

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