Formatter for markdown

Is there a decent formatter for markdown that I can integrate with neovim. I mostly need auto-wrapping to 80 characters for text both when inserting new text and editing previous paragraphs, any other feature is a bonus. Here’s the current configuration that I am using, but for long paragraphs it gets super-slow and it has some edge cases where it fails:

local markdown_augroup = vim.api.nvim_create_augroup("Markdown", { clear = true })
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd({ "BufNewFile", "BufRead" }, {
	group = markdown_augroup,
	pattern = { "*.md" },
	callback = function(opts)
		bufnr = opts["buf"] = 80 = "tcqawjp]"

I would use neoformat with deno fmt.

deno fmt works well so far, I’ve used null-ls to integrate it though