Help appreciated to fix a shortcoming

In case you missed it, @mrcjkb has been hard at work creating a github action to automatically publish your plugins to (to solve the plugin dependency problem). He introduced it here (and on his blog My Hakyll Blog - Publish your Neovim plugins to LuaRocks).

I hope to see this list grows Modules labeled 'neovim' - LuaRocks and we will help solve the painpoints along the way. One issue we could use help with is that right now, plugin authors have to add manually their plugin to the list even though the labels is embedded in the rockspec ! see tag the rockspec with the "neovim" label. · Issue #20 · gennaro-tedesco/nvim-possession · GitHub for example. I would very much like to see label doesn't get picked up from rockspec · Issue #188 · luarocks/luarocks-site · GitHub fixed, i.e. have autofill the labels with the ones defined in the rockspec but this is not my area of speciality and I am already dedicating my time to other areas of luarocks support.

The entire site runs on OpenResty, an Nginx based platform with Lua support. The site itself is coded in MoonScript and uses Lapis as a web framework.

If anyone is interested in fixing this it would be awesome !



Is LuaRocks a good fit for Neovim plugins? A Neovim plugin does not have the structure of a Lua library, it contains other languages (e.g. Vim script, Tree-sitter queries, or languages from remote plugins) and it might have post-install steps for compiling binaries. Can LuaRocks deal with all this?

You can package non-lua directories using build.copy_directories in the rockspec.
For compiling binaries, you can use build.type = 'make'.

See: Rockspec format · luarocks/luarocks Wiki · GitHub

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