Introducing rocks-lazy.nvim (a rocks.nvim module for lazy-loading) and the lz.n library

Hey everyone :wave:

We have just published the new :sloth: rocks-lazy.nvim :sloth: module and uploaded a dev rockspec to!

You can test-drive it now by running :Rocks install rocks-lazy.nvim dev.
See the module’s README for how to configure your plugins for lazy loading.

The module is powered by our new library, lz.n, which has an interface that is loosely based on lazy.nvim’s PluginSpec[1].

It allows you to add lazy-loading capabilities to your favourite plugin manager (not just rocks.nvim)[2].

Before we publish a stable release, we’d like to:

  1. With some differences, and reduced down to the very basics required for lazy-loading only. ↩︎

  2. Yes, including your Nix config :wink::snowflake: ↩︎

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