Help build neovim in Windows powershell

I followed wiki to build Neovim in Windows but got stuck at error message saying the program can’t find lua 5.1 interpreter.
Here are steps I made.

  1. Download vs_BuildTools.exe from Visual Studio download page
  2. In Visual Studio Installer, select Visual Studio Build Tools 2022 and select Desktop Dev. with C++
  3. Open Developer Powershell for VS 2022
  4. cd to c:\code and git clone
  5. cd neovim
  6. From then on followed instructions on the wiki page
  7. Run vsdevcmd.bat -arch=x64 -no_logo
  8. Run cmake -S cmake.deps -B .deps -G Ninja
  9. Run cmake --build .deps
  10. Run cmake -B build -G Ninja -DDEPS_PREFIX="$(pwd).Path"\.deps
    At this point I couldn’t progress further because above command resulted in error “Lua 5.1 interpreter not found”

If I cd .deps and look for luarocks there are files in there, looks like command 10 can’t locate lua interpreter that’s compiled by command 9.

How do I progress from here?