How to check if nvim is vim 8.2 equivalent

I am developing a plugin to work on vim 8.2 or later. The v:version variable can be used to check the version on vim. But the latest nvim still stays at 800 and has(‘nvim-0.x.y’) does not help. Is there any good way to check if nvim is vim 8.2 equivalent or not?

Define “8.2 equivalent”…

Neovim is not 8.2 equivalent in the sense that there are still and patches that are not ported (besides the ones that won’t be because they are not applicable to Neovim). However, the vast majority of these patches should not be relevant for plugins (otherwise they would have been ported with much higher priority).

So the right way to go about this is not to look for blanket “8.2 compatibility”, but just either

  1. check for specific features you are using in your plugin or
  2. test (or ask someone to test) your plugin under Neovim.