How to configure lsp for editing `init.lua` to aid in setting up neovim?

i’ve been hacking away at my init.lua pretty extensively the past couple of days, but i can’t seem to get any reasonable form of completions when configuring my init.lua. i read through this PR,

and updated my config with the provided snippets. and also created a .luarc.json within my $HOME/.config/nvim directory.

not sure if it makes a difference but i symlink my init.lua and this .luarc.json files from my dotfiles directory which is stored outside of my $HOME directory ie. /opt/code/dotfiles.

not really sure where to look or how to troubleshoot. i’ve been reading through lsp config github repo without finding much information. i also posted on reddit the other day, Reddit - Dive into anything

and i have my config below,


yeah it’s .luarc.json to be exact.

$ pwd

.luarc.json -> ../../../../../opt/code/dotfiles/config/nvim/luarc.json

and i have since removed the comments from the file without any better results with the completions. ie. i did not see a difference.

and is there a particular doc you are referring to? there’s quite a bit of documentation concerning neovim so throwing a blanket statement like “read the doc” doesn’t help me much. :man_shrugging: