How to prevent or delete the many `/tmp/lua_{6-char-hash}` files


Each time I open a file in neovim, I observe that many temp files are created in /tmp/, each with 0 size.
For instance: lua_wo6Jko.

After a week, my /tmp folder has maybe 1000 such files.

I’m using packer, neovim-lspconfig and null-ls (but also a bunch of other plugins which I ruled out in a first pass).

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?


Files in /tmp should be cleared on reboot. Is this not the case?

Hi, thanks! Actually, I’m aware that files in /tmp are often read/write for all users and are deleted on reboot.

I’m not worried about disk space, it’s just that many lua_* files end up polluting the /tmp/ folder.

Ideally, I’d love to know if someone knows what creates those files and also the config to avoid creating them in the first place, or if they can be created in a subfolder in /tmp.


Hi, can someone shed some light on how to solve this?

Today, I have so many files (100k) in /tmp that even rm -rf lua_* wont work! I have to use fd to delete them (what a great tool btw).

Thanks in advance!