Is it normal for neovim to start up multiple instances of omnisharp for the same project/folder?

I have been working with omnisharp + neovim for quite a while and it has always started multiple omnisharp instances. Usually what will happen is I’ll open one file in the project, and it will load up omnisharp, with a single “-s” (source) flag. Then, later on, after opening up another file, it will add a second “-s” flag to the original omnisharp command, pointing at the exact same directory. After a bit of waiting, it will end up having two omnisharp servers running, both with two “-s” flags all pointing at the same source directory.

Below is a ‘timeline’ of what happens, in images of :LspInfo:

I’m using omnisharp v1.37.5.0, Neovim 0.5.0
This directory (the one that is redacted) has a structure like…


How can I get neovim to stop creating multiple instances of the omnisharp server?

Edit: I have updated to nightly neovim, still happens.