Is there a way to merge style like italic comments and bold visual selection?

Basically, my comments are in italic
I want the visual selection to be bold (to make it subtly more visible, usually with brighter colors in terminal)

But when I do hi Comment cterm=italic and hi Visual cterm=bold, selecting something in visual mode makes the selection bold instead of italic,bold.

Maybe there could be a kind of cterm=merge,bold for Visual ?

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Try gui=italic and gui=bold. Also read :h termguicolors.

Works on my machine.


Comment        xxx cterm=italic ctermfg=10 gui=italic guifg=#586e75
Visual         xxx ctermfg=8 ctermbg=10 gui=bold guifg=#002b36 guibg=#586e75

Note that I am using GUI colours in because my terminal has true colour support. Check the option termguicolors. Maybe there is a limitation in cterm that makes it impossible to have text that is both bold and italic?