Is there any plan for including UI Components with declarative interface in Neovim core?

There’s a repo nvim-lua/neovim-ui that explains:

neovim-ui is a semi-official prototype for what will become neovim’s new UI module. This effort was started because it was observed that numerous plugin authors were duplicating the same boilerplate code while creating UI elements. This not only increases duplication of effort, but leads to inconsistent UI elements across plugins.

Assuming that was a plan from the Neovim core maintainers, is it still valid?

I’ve been maintaining a library called nui.nvim that provides a friendly interface for creating UI components for Neovim. It’s basically wrapper around the low level vim.api.nvim_* APIs and abstracts away a lot of details that the plugin authors shouldn’t worry about everytime they have to deal with creating UI elements.

So my question is can something like this be upstreamed into the Neovim core?