Stylish UI components


I’ve bundled a few TUI elements I’ve been working on into a plugin.

It’s in a very alpha state, but there are a couple of parts working already and I’d like to get some testing and feedback/ideas.

Documenation is lacking at the moment, but there should be enough in the readme to get you started.


A nested menu interface that renders menus created with Neovim’s builtin menu system (:h menu).
Controllabe via keyboard, but also has experimental mouse support that covers hover, select and scrolling


A fancy toggleable clock.


There’s also screenshots of components that are in varying stages of development, that I plan to add soon.

So please do take a look at the repo and let me know what you think!.

Feel free to use Github issues for problems or suggestions.


I think this is a good idea and it looks great! :+1:

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