LSP cssls settings?

Just trying out 0.5 Neovim and trying to get the LSP working with CSS/Sass (cssls).

Followed instructions here: nvim-lspconfig/ at master · neovim/nvim-lspconfig · GitHub and it’s running but *scss (Sass) files are getting errors as if they were plain CSS files. I have the default config like this:

lua << EOF

Is there something else I should be passing in there so it knows to treat scss files as scss (and not plain css)?

As far as I can see from: nvim-lspconfig/cssls.lua at master · neovim/nvim-lspconfig · GitHub scss is supported out of the box, this might a thing with the css server itself?

Yes, I think this is the same language server that Sublime-LSP uses which definitely works fine with scss files; the same files behave as expected in Sublime text but appear with ‘css’ errors in NeoVim. I’ll file an issue for the plugin. Just as an beginner with this wanted to ensure there wasn’t something obvious I was missing.

For any future travellers, I added an issue: Sass (*.scss) files get errors as if CSS files · Issue #965 · neovim/nvim-lspconfig · GitHub