LSP plugin that is similar to the Output panel of VSCode?

Hi there!

I’m curious if anyone is aware of a plugin that provides similar functionality to the Output panel of VSCode? This is what the panel looks like for the ElixirLS

The closest thing I’ve found currently is running :vs term://tail -f ~/.cache/nvim/lsp.log, which looks like this

It would be nice to be have a plugin that showed a live tail of the of the lsp log, filtered by LSP, and nicely formatted instead of the raw inspected lua tables.

If nothing like this exists, I’d consider taking a crack at writing one myself.

As I’m sure you can tell the lsp logs aren’t the same thing that most servers will show in their own log. I’ll use Metals as an example. In the users workspace we create a log file in .metals/metals.log and then in our nvim extension we have a `:MetalsLogsToggle command that pretty much does exactly what you’d be looking to do. It looks like this, with the console output being on the left:

The low hanging fruit would be to just figure out where the language server is storing it’s logs and pipe it into term like we do here. It works quite well.