LSP server on_init per project configuration


I’m noob in Lua and after many hours of searching, it wasn’t successful.

I want to load some EFM language server configurations depends on a project setup. So, I found this: Project local settings · neovim/nvim-lspconfig Wiki · GitHub

For example: in A project I have a “black” code formatter, in B project I have “yapf” code formatter.

After that I wrote custom on_init handler:

on_init = function(client)
  -- We need to register only available linters and formatters, because it improves perfomance↴
  local result = vim.fn.systemlist(
    [[ poetry run pip list --disable-pip-version-check | grep -w -o '^black \|^yapf \|^flake8 \|^isort \|^mypy ' ]]

  for _, package_name in pairs(result) do
    local package_config = M[string.gsub(package_name, "%s+", "")]
    if package_config then
      table.insert(client.config.settings.languages.python, package_config)

  return true

Well, it works, but i have a problem with a custom cmd command, it’s sync and freezes UI on first LSP load. Is it possible to load on_init async or execute cmd async?

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