LSP symbol list

Hi everyone,

Fist time posting here, so sorry if I am doing anything wrong.

I’m using nvim for small projects of C++ with no external library’s for some years. Now a day’s I start a project that will last at least 4 years with an external big library and I having troubles to use LSP to go to implementations and definitions.
I read a lot and I’m so lost that is like look for a needle in a haystack.

Witch is the “correct” or “optimal” way to set up my project so I can jump around inside my files and also into this external library?
What things I need to have to consideration?

I had a little bit of success when I use bear for generating a compile_commands.json file, but this only work once. After I jump to one definition inside this library it don’t work again. So i can’t do this in a nested way like I want.