Neovim 0.7 stabilization period begins today (4/2/2022)

Hi all,

We’re planning on releasing Neovim 0.7 on April 15th. As usual, we will have a 2 week stabilization period during which we ask that users test and report any bugs (we skipped yesterday, for the reason you might imagine). The main features of this release are:

  • lua autocommands
  • lua keymap API
  • lua command API
  • global namespace lua highlights (pure lua colorschemes)
  • global statusline
  • support for setting signs via nvim_buf_set_extmark
  • the ability to distinguish <C-I> from <Tab> in mappings
  • filetype.lua (a faster alternative to individual autocommands for matching filetype rules)
  • :lua =expr, try :lua ={test = true}

in addition to the usual round of bug fixes, porting vim patches, and performance improvements. Please test and report all bugs.

The Neovim core team.