Notify the Language Server for file changes made external to Neovim (such as from git)

Is there a way to get the Language Server to reflect changes to files made externally to Neovim? For example, if I purposely add an error to the code, it will show up in diagnostics as an error. However, when I run git checkout -- . to clear the change, the error still shows up in the diagnostics.

you can set autoread in your config so the file is automatically sourced when it’s changed. see :h autoread (Options - Neovim docs)

I do have autoread set to true. The issue still occurs. I think that setting just causes a buffer to update its contents to reflect the changes to the file it represents if another process updated it. It does not seem to be sending those changes to the Language Server.

It looks like this feature is being worked on: feat(lsp): implement workspace/didChangeWatchedFiles by nojnhuh · Pull Request #21293 · neovim/neovim · GitHub