Pass url as lua function argument, and bind it to neovim command

Hi i want to pass URL as argument in my lua functinon. When i do:

:lua my_func("https://url.example/example")

the function works. Now <f-args> should be automatically be quoted as said in manual: help f-args:

When executed as: >
	:Mycmd arg1 arg2
This will invoke: >
	:call Myfunc("arg1","arg2")

But this won’t work:

command -nargs=1 MyFunc lua my_func(<f-agrs>)

call in editor: MyFunc

or: MyFunc ""

Error: E5107: Error loading lua [string ":lua"]:1: unexpected symbol near '<'

see :help luaeval()

Type in your config?

Indeed it was a typo.