Plugins alternative in Lua

I am checking my plugins and I am looking to alternative in pure Lua (if exists and have the same feature, in case I can open tickets):

Also I don’t know if some of those are now replaced by internal neovim feature honestly.
My dotfiles in case: GitHub - Mte90/dotfiles: My dotfiles

For the statusline plugin I am evaluating an alternative as I want to keep some customization I have right now.

Reddit thread:


Can be replaced by textDocument/documentHighlight method for a lot of LSP servers. For example:

My cursor is on if and textDocument/documentHighlight returns the locations for if/then/else. This method has highlights LspReferenceText, LspReferenceRead, LspReferenceWrite and can be triggered by an autocmd like CursorMoved plugin which wraps it like RRethy/vim-illuminate.


Has a lua replacement norcalli/nvim-colorizer and a replacement by LSP servers with textDocument/documentColor (but no plugin implements this method afaik).


RRethy/vim-illuminate if you use the LSP functionality from it mentioned above is in Lua.


nvim.nnoremap('<c-]>', '<cmd>lua vim.lsp.buf.definition()<cr>')




terrortyler/nvim-comment (I’ve never tried this tho)

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Thanks for the hints!

Updated the first post with the latest changes (I hope that can be helpful to someone).
Also added the reddit link to the same discussion and updated by dotfiles.