[Poll] Which terminal emulator do you use?

  • Alacritty
  • kitty
  • konsole
  • iTerm2
  • GNOME Terminal
  • foot
  • wez
  • tilix
  • urxvt
  • xterm
  • st
  • pangoterm
  • terminator
  • sakura

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Bonus points if you also mention why you prefer your terminal(s) of choice :slight_smile:

I totally forgot to add windows terminal as an option, just ignore that :).

I use kitty because it’s very customizable and has ligatures (yes, I’m one of those :slight_smile: ). It has the whole “GPU powered terminal” thing going on for it which I like in theory, but I don’t think I’d notice any difference if I had to compare with other terminals that doesn’t use the GPU.


Another Kitty user here. I like the fact I can keep my config in version control; that’s the main reason I switched from iTerm 2.


Always a bit surprised to see so many people using Alacritty.

Wezterm seems like an all-round better Alacritty?

Just checked wezterm and it seems pretty neat. Definitely gonna try it, thanks for sharing!

Btw I am using Kitty because of the ligatures, support for nerdfont, and tabs.

I like Wezterm a lot, but Kitty gets the nod because I can completely remove the window chrome (on macOS). Wezterm can sort of do that, but it’s not great.

I’ve tried it a couple of times (most recently yesterday) and the performance when scrolling in a neovim buffer is horrible (using multiplexing). If I dont use multiplexing it’s ok, but in that case I need tmux, so might as well stick with Alacritty (if I want a dumb shell for tmux, I’ll use the simpler one heh)

Terminator. I mostly use a Chromebook running the debian linux container. The terminal that starts Linux isn’t up to it. I’ve also tried kitty and sakura. Terminator just did it.

Which font do you use with kitty? It’s a pity that kitty truncates fonts with “wrong” metrics. :confused:

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JetBrains Mono for me.

Thanks for the hint! This font looks really nice!

In what way is it better?

EDIT: Nevermind I found a reddit post by the author and wez focuses on features while alacritty is barebones by design. List of features is on the website: wezterm - Wez's Terminal Emulator

Some of the features are pretty cool.

Konsole has some pretty ugly UI chrome and is hard to customize, but in my testing it had by far the best input latency out of all the common terminals on Linux at the time I tested: Konsole, GNOME Terminal, Xfterm, Lxterm, Qterminal, Xterm/Urxvt, and Alacritty. I use it even on non-KDE systems!

Also Yakuake is nice.

I honestly forgot about Sakura (I didn’t realize it was even in development still), and I never even heard of Pangoterm, and I didn’t realize how popular Wezterm was!

If you are a tmux user, Alacritty is perfect, since tmux handles everything related to tabs and splits.

I’m on Wayland with X switched off, so this seems to narrow things down to kitty, Alacritty, wez, and foot. I prefer ligatures, so that narrows things down to kitty and wez. Both seem great, but surprisingly, kitty in --single-instance mode achieves way lower memory footprint than wez when opening multiple terminals. So I stick with kitty.

If it wasn’t for ligatures, I’d switch to foot without thinking. Lowest memory usage and greatest snappiness I have ever seen.

In some downtime before the holidays I’m been trying to find a terminal that supports ligatures that I like but I really hate this new trend with terminals of tons of features and absolutely no user-friendliness. If I have to open a text file for any configuration, you’ve already failed. I prefer a nice dialog please and I certainly don’t have the time or inclination to learn a new language syntax just to configure my terminal.

Sure, you should save the configuration in a single file that can be changed manually in a text editor but you should ALSO be able to change it in the application preferences, which don’t seem to be a thing anymore. I think some of the electron apps are getting this right, for example VS Code gets it right, and Hyper Terminal almost gets this right, so close. I may still try to go with hyper terminal for a while since at least it seems fairly straightforward and easy to configure and comes with some sane defaults out-of-the-box.

How did you achieve that? I tried removing the top bar of kitty on macOS recently and wasn’t able to. Would be happy to switch back from iTerm.

Kitty is my favorite, because it is:

  1. Cross Platform
  2. Configurable in a text file (in my dotfiles repo)
  3. Very performant

It’s been a while, but I believe it was this commit:

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Well… I use neovim terminal inside neovim-qt.

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