Remove fold level digits from foldcolumn without any plugin?

Is it possible to remove fold level digits from foldcolumn without any external plugin? I have the following setup (adapted from a Reddit post) and it removes the digits but the folds are not clickable.

local opt = vim.opt
local fn = vim.fn
local fc = vim.opt.fillchars:get()

local function get_fold(lnum)
	if fn.foldlevel(lnum) <= fn.foldlevel(lnum - 1) then return ' ' end
	return fn.foldclosed(lnum) == -1 and fc.foldopen or fc.foldclose

_G.get_statuscol = function()
  if vim.opt_local.signcolumn:get() == 'yes' then
    return "%s%l%= " .. get_fold(vim.v.lnum) .. " "
    return ""

opt.foldmethod = "expr"
opt.foldexpr = "nvim_treesitter#foldexpr()"
opt.statuscolumn = "%!v:lua.get_statuscol()"

Can the behaviour be achieved with folds remaining clickable in foldcolumn?