Vim LSP ts yarn workspaces

typescript > lsp > go to references

I work in a typescript yarn workspace.

generally speaking i have a folder structure of this shape:

workspace root – workspace-a
– workspace-b

i have typescript files in workspace-a that reference/import files from workspace-b and vice versa. when i go to a definition of a symbol in workspace b and i look for references. all i see is references in workspace b. if there is a import from workspace a in workspace b i can jump to the definition no problem. if i have a split open with workspace-a on one side and workspace-b on the other side and run LspInfo i see both buffers are attached to the same client. its in this case that references do work listing out all references from both a and b workspaces.

Is there something i could be setting up incorrectly or could this be something that is not supported currently?

Thanks in advance.