`vim.treesitter.get_node_at_cursor(0)` not working for cs files

I am writing a plugin intended for C# files. I want to us the get_node_at_cursor() function. However it fails with the following message:

E5108: Error executing lua: ...eovim\share\nvim\runtime/lua/vim/treesitter/language.lua:26: no parser for 'cs' language, see :help treesitter-parsers
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'error'
        ...eovim\share\nvim\runtime/lua/vim/treesitter/language.lua:26: in function 'require_language'
        ...m Files\Neovim\share\nvim\runtime/lua/vim/treesitter.lua:38: in function '_create_parser'
        ...m Files\Neovim\share\nvim\runtime/lua/vim/treesitter.lua:96: in function 'get_parser'
        ...m Files\Neovim\share\nvim\runtime/lua/vim/treesitter.lua:287: in function 'get_node_at_pos'
        ...m Files\Neovim\share\nvim\runtime/lua/vim/treesitter.lua:305: in function 'get_node_at_cursor'

However my the TSPlayground command works fine and I can see the tree. When I checked my treesitter configuration I see that the parsers needed are c_sharp and not cs however I cannot set that in the get_node_at_cursor function. Any help on I can overcome this?