VS Code-like remote development over SSH


I’ve been learning (Neo)VIM over the past week so far it’s been an awesome experience. Most of my work is on remote servers and my main development environment is VS Code with Remote SSH/Tunnel plugin. I would like to build a similar setup in VIM. Right now I SSH to the remote server where I’ve setup Neovim, but it has limitations like I cannot copy to system clipboard this way (works on a local Neovim installation).

I could not find relevant documentation or blogs on how to setup a local instance of NeoVIM (could be NeoVIM-Qt or Neovide) and connect it to the one running on the server. Is this possible? For the life of me I could not understand this section in the documentation Remote - Neovim docs Sorry if my question is too noob and I would appreciate the help! Thanks :slight_smile: