Was the default ada plugin recently updated?

As of recently, I’m getting a bunch of insert-mode mappings defined in Ada files that make it almost impossible to type anything; my leader is set to space, so words like ‘all’, ‘act’, ‘are’ etc. all result in calling things like ada#List_Tag(). verbose imap says these are coming from /usr/share/nvim/runtime so I take it this is a default bundled plugin now. Can we remove it?

i  <Space>al   *@<C-O>:call ada#List_Tag ()                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
        Last set from /tmp/.mount_nvimKRnKhQ/usr/share/nvim/runtime/autoload/ada.vim line 592

I actually tried out the vim-ada plugin in question and told the author about the issue in October 2022, but he doesn’t want to fix it. Ada does not need default plugins bundled right now.

The default Ada plugin hasn’t had changes for over a year.

I found the offending commit; a98a6996c2 in runtime/autoload/ada.vim line 592 binds a bunch of insert mode mappings. I guess I answered my own question; you look in the neovim repo runtime/ dir and git blame the line. I guess I can submit my pull request there. This is really weird though because in a PR Martin Krischik says he added this ‘feature’ just recently, so I don’t understand how it is popping up in my /usr/share/nvim after updating to NeoVim 0.9.0

I hate plugins that are adding mappings by default and I think there is special place in hell for authors who use my mapleader. Its set for me, not for them. That’s the reason I actually don’t use map leader now and I’ve set up all my mappings to use <space>xx instead <leader>xx. This way all this plugins can map their crap to button I don’t even use.