What happened to nightlies and color scheme issue

I typically update to the nightly app image at varying frequency. Today I find the URL is missing, the only thing available is 0.5.0, any explanation for this?

Related issue, I used to do

vim.g.colors_name = "dracula"

to set the color scheme name, but this now throws an errror (“dracula not found”). Perhaps I was misunderstanding what this function did in the first place. Is there something I can call to “save” my colorscheme that I set in my init.lua with my own calls?

  1. Actions sometimes fail due to, e.g., intermittent network issues (which unfortunately can happen after the old release has been deleted). In any case, it’s back: https://github.com/neovim/neovim/releases/tag/untagged-5f3a62493075baa98ed9

  2. As you guessed correctly, that option doesn’t do what you think it does. What you are looking for is colorscheme dracula, which actually sources the file colors/dracula.vim (or colors/dracula.lua), which then sets g:colors_name = dracula. Setting the name yourself will in fact interfere with setting background correctly, if the colorscheme does that.

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Ah! Thanks, guess these were some really stupid questions. It of course occurred to me that the nightlies might not always build, but I assumed that the previous nightly would remain up on the URL, so when the URL didn’t exist I got confused.

Funny that I was doing colors completely wrong. I didn’t really care about where I set it, but for some reason 0.5.0 threw some errors where the nightlies didn’t care. Fixed now, I actually have an nvim/colors directory, thanks!