Any kitty terminal users here? Need help to make a custom kitten in default python language

Out of options, i came here for help :frowning:

I created this thread in kitty github repo
but still can’t seem to make the kitten work

PS: made a thread also in stackoverflow but no reply link

Describe the feature you’d like
When there are no tabs opened in my kitty terminal, i would like to switch to next window
via pressing the same hotkey ctrl+tab

but in case of tabs and windows, the command will switch to next tab
when no tabs available, the hotkey will trigger go to next window

my config in kitty.conf is

map ctrl+tab next_tab

This is the default setting. If you change this to map ctrl+tab next_window then you can switch between the windows. But then you have to use ctrl+shift+right to move to the next tab. I don’t really understand what you want exactly.

A kitten (written in python) is like kitty terminal’s plugin
I don’t know how to create one

that’s why i’m asking for help