Change to yyp motion (broken)

something broke yyp for me recently. I’m accustomed to this sequence producing a new line below with the contents of the current line. Now this motion pastes the current line at the cursor location.

When I run with -u NORC, I get the expected behavior of a new line pasted below the current.

So I think that means some plugin probably changed the default behavior of p? What settings should I be looking at to try to track down what caused this change?


Try verbose nnoremap should said where mappings were set from. Check for y and p mappings.

hmm - well that didn’t show my anything I could obviously identify as the culprit. weird. I might have to start disabling plugins one by one.

If you use pure VimL with init.vim, try using the keyword finish. It will stop the interpretation from that point onwards to the end of file.

This is very useful to track down which plugin is causing problems without the need comment/uncomment things.

I’m not sure if Lua has a similar feature.

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try to use following commands :noremal! yyp, it should works.

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any chance you’re using capital Y?

heh - no…that’s just some auto capitalization in the title…I’ll edit to clarify

thanks to everyone for the helpful advice. It turns out it’s not a mapping (or plugin at all) but rather a line in this yank script: Copying to clipboard from tmux and Vim using OSC 52 - The Terminal Programmer – which I’m calling from a TextYankPost event. Some how the “also paste to tmux buffer” line in that script is confusing things and messing with the linewise paste. I’ll try to dig more as I have time, but for now I’ve just commented out tmux set-buffer line in that script.