Is migrating to Lazy.nvim worth it?

I used Plug for a while as a package manager and later switched over to Packer.

Then recently I was revamping my config and noticed that a lot of people seem to be switching over to Lazy.nvim.

I know that it’s more-or-less what I signed up for with Neovim, but it gets a little tiring to be constantly migrating to new setups and patching the breaking changes that regularly pop up in the many plugins that are needed to create an IDE-like experience.

Anyway, given that background, I’m wondering if people think that it’s worth migrating to Lazy.nvim or whether it’ll just be a temporary fad that will come and go in the next 6 months or something?

If you are satisfied with your current setup, I don’t think you need to switch.
Personally I don’t use any plugin to manage plugins, and it’s fine.

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If you don’t like having to migrate whenever something new comes up, consider automaing your plugin management with something like nix or ansible.

It’s some initial work, but has the added benefit that you learn a lot more about Neovim’s built-in plugin capabilities and it’s very robust once you have it set up.

That being said, lazy was designed to make it easy to migrate (not speaking from personal experience).
Although packer isn’t very actively maintained (there is a branch with a complete rewrite), it’s unlikely your setup will break anytime soon.

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I’m using a lot of plugins so for me it was worth it to switch and set up almost everything so it’s lazy loaded. Not sure if you can achieve same thing with packer.

I cut my neovim startup time from like 200ms to around 50ms. But again, ton of plugins.

That’s a good point! Startup time doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t launch and quit Nvim very often, but with 53 plugins my startup time is around 500 ms right now.

If it works it works, no need to change. Personally I don’t use any Neovim plugin for managing my plugins. Instead I use Git submodules directly. This removes the dependency on a plugin manager and knowing how to use Git submodules is a useful skill to have anyway.

You should rethink your choice of plugins. I barely ever touch my setup these days, but I also avoid flashy fancy plugins and prefer more robust ones even if they don’t look as fancy.