What has the process of adopting Neovim been like for you?


Yeah, I think the natural progression of learning vim is jumping in and installing way too many plugins, then start running into problems, get angry and uninstall everything to become the cliche vim purist, then reinstall the plugins that actually help now that you understand what you’re doing better

Personally its been a lot of work for me to adopt Neovim as an editor, I’m not done trying to switch from VS Code to using an editor with Vim motions for the first time as a daily drive. I have 100s of tabs open to look at plugins and a lot more bookmarked, while reading I came across that comment, and it’s exactly what I’m going through! I went through that process when I first started using Obsidian last year. How closely did you follow that progression mentioned above?

It’s common to go through the process in the quoted comment. To save time, you can skip the first part and force yourself to use a minimal set of plugins for a while (only a few well-known ones that add some extremely common text motions for example, like nvim-surround, Comment.nvim and perhaps leap.nvim). Say, no more than 5 plugins. Pick ones that don’t have lots of config options or where you are happy with the defaults. Explore a decent chunk of the builtin functionality before adding more plugins which require more subjective choices (e.g. git integration: in the sign column? in the statusbar? both?).

Well that’s my 2c anyway.