Lazyman Neovim Configuration Manager

The Lazyman Neovim Configuration Manager can be used to install, initialize, and manage multiple Neovim configurations. Over 70 popular Neovim configurations are supported including 6 LazyVim based configs, 4 NvChad, 3 LunarVim, 7 AstroNvim, a Kickstart, a SpaceVim, and many personal and starter configurations.

To install Lazyman, clone the repository and execute the initialization script:

git clone $HOME/.config/nvim-Lazyman

This initialization process installs requirements and dependencies using the native package manager. Supported platforms include macOS, Debian based Linux (e.g. Ubuntu), RPM based Linux (e.g. Fedora), Arch Linux and Arch-like platforms, Alpine Linux, Void Linux, and SUSE Linux. After initialization, execute the lazyman command (installed in ~/.local/bin) to view the menu.

Lazyman installs its own Neovim configuration along with the lazyman command which provides a command line interface to managing all these configurations as well as a menu interface. Included is a Bash/ZSH script that, when sourced, provides fuzzy search, selection, and launching of Lazyman supported Neovim configurations.

The menu interface includes sub-menus to configure several of the Neovim configurations, demonstrating one method to ease configuration management.

Let me know what you think. Does this have value? How can it be improved? What’s wrong, what’s right, what’s missing?