Lemminx configuration

Hi, I’m using lemminx as Language Server.

Every time, it creates its cache directory in ~/.lemminx. I don’t want to pollute my $HOME, so following the XDG Specification, that folder should go inside ~/.cache/lemminx.

After investigation I ended up with the following snippet to configure that directory location:

	"initializationOptions": {
		"settings": {
			"xml": {
				"server": {
					"workDir": "~/.cache/lemminx"

What’s not clear is, how or where this configuration should be applied. The Lemminx documentation wasn’t very helpful with this.

Does anybody have any idea how to achieve this?

How do you set up your lsp? If you use nvim-lspconfig then it should be somethig like this:

    settings = {
        xml = {
            server = {
                workDir = "~/.cache/lemminx",

I set up my servers exactly like that. It seems like it worked, thanks!