Mapping <c-i> in insert mode

I’m trying to map <c-i> in insert mode but pressing seems to also activate the mapping. I don’t remember having this issue in nvim v0.7 so I was wondering if anything has changed since.

Additional information:

  • Alacritty terminal is able to differentiate <c-i> (^[[105;5u) from <tab>
  • Works fine for normal mode (in nvim v0.8 and v0.7) when I use the following: vim.keymap.set("n", "<c-i>", "<c-i>")

In this case you may want to map <tab> to itself.

My intent is to have a different <tab> binding (used by other plugins).

This is not possible, because vim/neovim uses <Ctrl-i> as <Tab> key, and there is no way to change it. :h i_CTRL-I

You can switch to using kitty terminal. It sends different codes, so all these legacy clashes are mitigated.