Problems mapping <C-I> and <Tab> separately

Hey, I am using <Tab> to cycle between buffers. Recently I learned about the jump list in neovim and wanted to use that. Unfortunately being at the bottom of the jump list while having multiple buffers open and pressing <C-I> leads to neovim cycling to the next buffer. Apparently this is because for historical reasons most terminal emulators can not distinguish between certain keys like for example <C-I> and <Tab>.
That said there exists a patch for my terminal emulator (st) that lets it distinguish the two keys. After applying the patch and pressing <C-V> followed by <C-I> in the shell prints ^[[105;5u. Therefore I assume the patch is working. That said neovim still can not tell the difference between these two keys.
I also tried this with another terminal emulator (wezterm) which supports an alternative encoding scheme called “CIS u”. This scheme should be supported by neovim as well (:h tui-csiu). Still after enabling the scheme via a wezterm config option the behavior remained the same in neovim.
I have spent multiple hours on this problem so far and would really be grateful for some tips from you guys!

neovim version: v0.8.0-dev-699-gcbfae548e8
wezterm version: 20220725-212943-2e0467d1
st version: 0.8.4

Can you be more specific? Did you create two different mappings for <C-I> and <Tab>? What mappings did you create?

You can try this:

nnoremap <C-I> <C-I>
nnoremap <Tab> <Cmd>bnext<CR>

Does this work?

Yes, that works. Thanks a lot! I was not aware that I had to remap <C-I>.