Neovim 0.7.0 for Void Linux

Hi there! I want to know will be NeoVim 0.7.0 in Void Linux repository any time soon?
NeoVim in Arch and Gentoo repositories updated pretty frequently and last update for Void was 4 moth ago and it is makes me a little bit jealous)

P.S. Sorry for bad English

I’m a little confused. I don’t know void linux but found a neovim package 0.7.0 right off the bat:
Find binary packages: Neovim
But basically, the maintainers are responsible for all updates of a Linux distri. Therefore, it is useful to send such questions directly to them.

I am confused no less than you.
I thought maintainers are check out their forum so I posted it here.
Guess will email them

I think @chrboesch meant distro maintainers – the Neovim maintainers definitely are not responsible for distribution packages.

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Yes, thank you! :+1:

I am sorry, didn’t know how these thing works.