Neovim With Job And Channel?

When opening my editor for Salesforce Apex files, I encountered a neovim error as described here. Please see my vim and neovim versions in the question in the above link. A very helpful person identified the problem – my vim plugin vim-force requires job and channel installed:

  1. Vim version 7.4 (with job & channel support) or later, with :set nocompatible

As stated in the comments of the linked question, my Vim program has these features. However, my Neovim editor does not.

Is there a specific version of Neovim with a job and channel installed? Or is there a way for me to compile Neovim with the job and channel installed?

Thank you for considering my question!

Inferring from the plugin’s source code, it does not support Neovim.

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Thank you for your answer. I’ll search for a vim plugin compatible with Apex.