Nightly Build on WSL 2?

Has anyone had success getting the nightly build to run on WSL 2? I am using Ubuntu 20.10. I have downloaded the nvim.appimage from the nightly url and when I try to extract it I get an error that I don’t have permission. So when I try and run it with sudo, sudo ./nvim.appimage --appimage-extract, I get the error ./nvim.appimage : 1: Not: not found

If you can’t get it to work, here are my notes on installing form source on linux (I use wsl2 and this is how I update)

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install -y ninja-build gettext libtool libtool-bin autoconf automake cmake g++ pkg-config unzip
cd; mkdir clones; cd clones; git clone; cd neovim
git tag
git checkout tags/desired_version_number -b tagName-branch
(or just use master for latest)
rm -rf build
sudo make install
git branch -D tagName-branch

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/nvim
sudo rm -r /usr/local/share/nvim/


Thanks for the response! I am going to give this a shot now. How do you handle having multiple versions installed? I have v0.4.4 installed via apt, so I am just curious if you uninstalled older version entirely or if you have them installed side by side in some way.

i only have my built version installed

Have you made the appimage executable (chmod +x ./nvim.appimage)?

You can have multiple neovims installed side by side, just make sure
that the one you want to use by default is first in your PATH
environment variable.

Did you set exexutable permission on the appimage chmod +x nvim.appimage . Also what cpu architacture are you using I beleave the appimage was made for x86 If you’re using something different it wonn’t work . You can always compile from source

yes I did change the permissions to make it executable, which is why I was confused by this outcome.

Installing from source worked! Thank you for your post :slight_smile: I just need to sort out my path now to make sure I am using the correct version. I might just delete or rename my 0.4.4 install so that the nightly build will get picked up instead. I was curious though, how often do you update your 0.5 install if you build it from source?

i update maybe once every 2+ months? not sure. before you update just note the commit hash in git log so you can checkout that hash as a branch if the latest master or whatever youre building breaks something in your setup.

That is really good advice! I know that the nightly build is technically an unstable branch, have you had any like catastrophic issues or has it been relatively stable enough for your daily work?

I had the same problem on WSL.

The trick that worked for me is to not unpack the appimage but execute it directly


Be aware, that you have to install the fuse package.

For more information, you can read packaging - What is an "AppImage"? How do I install it? - Ask Ubuntu

ive never had issues yet