Nvim-autopairs plugin does not work. Deleted and reinstalled minimum setup and still does not work

Edit: I switched to nvim-autopairs but it still doesn’t work

I don’t know what is is. mini pair does not work. Nor do any auto pari plugins.

I cannot_understand_why_the_neovim_pairs_plugin/annot understand why the neovim pairs plugin stopped working.

I am so frustrated. I was sorting out a kink in
my config and ran into another weird thing. And now it
seems everything stopped working. I just want this to work.

I restarted and wiped everything and have a “bare-mininum” setup. You
could view it here and I don’t know what’s wrong.

Here’s my pair.lua

return {
    event = "VeryLazy",
    config = function(_, opts)

It works with such select few items. When working with lua,
it only works with single quotes. It doesn’t work with anything
else including parentheses, curly braces, etc. I don’t know why.