Request to add LSP to nvim.lspconfig (I have instructions for adding it to coc.nvim)

Hi - I just spent about four hours on this and am throwing in the towel… I’m trying to get the following LSP (written in nodejs) added to LSPConfig:

The author has config instructions and a screenshot of it running with coc.nvim, but I apparently don’t have the skills to port it to lspconfig.

If anyone has the skills and energy to take this on, the AutoHotkey community would be grateful!

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Kylo has already started work on this!

The Autohotkey community has been around for decades and loves open source. I’d argue it’s the premier coder’s tool for customizing Windows (I use several scripts in it every day and have used it for two decades). Here’s hoping we can get this working…

Looks like we’re on hold for a bit until the developer updates his code. Much of AutoHotkey’s power comes from accessing external DLL libraries. This software gets the DLL’s export function to provide parameter completion for dllCall." Because a VSCode language server is implemented with both client and server code, he implemented this functionality in the client plug-in. I gather that the client code doesn’t run for Neovim, so things errored out. It looks like he’s going to move that functionality to the server side of the LSP software, though, so it should work in the future.

any updates on this I’ve been trying to get autohotkey lsp working on my kickstart.nvim for like forever