Running Himalaya within nvim

Hey folks,
Been using Himalaya since yesterday and found out there’s a Vim plugin and Neovim supposedly.
Been trying to implement it without success so far.
Using NvChad, made a copie of himalaya folder into my git account to test but even installed, and using Himalaya got a error message:

E492: Not and editor command: Himalaya

Any advice?
PS: got no prior experience in neovim

EDIT: Got it working by adding cmd = { “Himalaya” }, :slight_smile:

What is Himalaya in your questions context?

Himalaya’s repo here, it’s like gnupg for Emacs.
It manage e-mails on CLI but it can be added as vim / neovim plugin.
~soywod/himalaya-vim - Vim plugin for email management. - sourcehut git is the real plugin repo and i clone it and added to my github, so I can install it on neovim since I use NvChad.
If I understood correctly it fetches the plugins on github and install it.
Got this config so far, but can’t still can’t get it right.

@ custom/plugins.lua
    config = function ()
      vim.g.himalaya_executable = "/usr/bin/himalaya"
      vim.g.himalaya_folder_picker = 'telescope'
@ custom/mappings.lua
    ["<C-'"] = {'<cmd>Himalaya<cr>', 'Himalaya email client'},

Hope it clarifies ^^’

Clone it here on my github.
Sorry, had to do 2 replies. Can’t add more than 2 links as I’m new here

I was really excited about himalaya at first, but I just couldn’t get it working with my works exchange online setup