Thoughts and ideas on xplr-neovim integration plugin development

Hi community, this is the author of xplr, a hackable file explorer written in Rust that supports Lua configuration.

Sorry if it’s not the right place, but I think it might interest you to know that there’s someone looking to integrate xplr more tightly with Neovim using the Lua msgpack API.

He’s done some work and looking for thoughts and ideas. I’m not very experienced with Neovim plugin development, hence, I can only offer him so much help. I depend heavily on both Neovim and xplr for my daily work, and I think some of you do too. Hence, I think it’s a great initiative and I feel that the integration will help us get more productive on the terminal.

So, if you’re interested in the projects, please take a look in the issue linked above. I’m really looking forward to seeing how well xplr plays together with Neovim.


Hey @sayanarijit welcome to the community! This is a perfect place to share everything neovim related. I’ll take a look, seems awesome!

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