A standard GUI?

The most recent discussion prompted me to submit an issue for Goneovim about using Cmd+/Cmd- for font size changes. @akiyosi very helpfully wrote a lua script that would do that. I would have had no idea about how to implement this functionality.

(Not surprisingly, the keymap strings need to be different for different operating systems or keyboards. For example, on my Mac laptop, Cmd-+ is really Cmd-=, i.e. <D-=>.)

As a newbie, I’m disappointed to hear this. I love working in the terminal with Vim, but I’m a sucker for the extra “chrome” that GUIs tend to have with low-effort features for my most common needs.

My best idea is to work through the GUIs on Github in order according to which was most recently updated, and skip everything which isn’t easy to install. My experience with FOSS is, if it’s not easy to install and use, then you should be prepared to contribute new PRs to it. A rough litmus-test, to be sure, but effective.

Or I might just give nvim its own terminal and see how much better it is than Vim.