Anybody know why ci{ find the bracket on next line

i press ci{ and it can jump cursor to next bracket and delete this.

I test run on docker with no plugin.
nvim 0.7, 0.6 happen
nvim 0.5 no happen.

it very confuse me because some time i press wrong { and [.

You’re wrong.
I’ve nvim v0.4.4 on my parrot OS and tested ci{ command.
It works.

ci{ cuts the inner selection of {}

if you press ci[
nvim will cut the inner selection of [] as you know c is the default command for cut

For visualizing the inner selection of {} press vi{
and you will be able to select instead of cutting.

You can do many more like ci", ci(

Hope you get it

Command Selection
vip Select paragraph
vipipipip Select more
yip Yank inner paragraph
yap Yank paragraph (including newline)
dip Delete inner paragraph
cip Change inner paragraph

are you checking the video

do you see cursor place outside of bracket when i press ci{
i press cursor on line 2 and it delete bracket on line 7.


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