Help with powershell_es

So I got the powerShell_es config for PowerShellEditorServices Installed on windows and set up in my Lua based nvim config and it seems to be giving me diagnostics as I type in a ps1 file, but I’m not seeing any kind of suggestions as I type, what am I doing wrong or can you just not do that with this native LSP / cmp, I would imagine you can because coc-powerhsell uses the same LS and it’s able to grab suggestions from it. if someone could take a look at my config: GitHub - AlecMcCutcheon/Custom-Neovim-Config: A Neovim config designed from scratch to be understandable, and give me a hint on how to get that working that’d be awesome.

Came to say I am running into the same issue.
My config is based on Astrovim, with some tweaks done by myself

LspInfo says attached to client powershell_es
Coc works , but I noticed how Cmd works nicely and looks great when working in other sources
So I removed Coc today and tried getting Lsp+Cmp to work

I started using Vim about 6 months ago, and switched to Nvim+lua only recently so I’m very much still learning.
But cannot locate anything specific here, afaik Cmd uses LSP as a source and that should be enough?