Will neorg be neovim's version of emacs's org?

While browsing nvim-treesitter’s supported languages, I found a parser for a filetype named neorg (also known as norg).
I was interested so I looked into it.
For reference, here is the Github website:

Neorg is org but more modern.
Note that neorg is alpha software.
It has everything important that org has.
My favorite feature is tangling (extracting code blocks to file).
If my config wouldn’t be multiple files then I would rewrite my Lua config to neorg.
My questions are:

  • Would you use neorg?
  • Would you rewrite your config (not necessarily nvim) to neorg?
  • What else would you use neorg for?
  • Will neorg be neovim’s version of emacs’s org?
  • Or will nvim’s version of org mode become more popular?