Neovim Ansible role to install your entire development environment

Hello all,

  1. Thank you to all of the core neovim developers for a rock solid editor.
  2. Thank you to all the amazing plugin developers who’ve allowed me to turn neovim into the most amazing personal development environment I’ve ever used. Never going back.

The Project

In the spirit of giving that powers open-source I’ve developed an Ansible role which can:

  • Install the latest neovim appimage
  • Install the latest nightly neovim appimage as nnvim
  • Install the latest tree-sitter binary
  • Install a list of apt, pip, and npm packages. (Including auto-installing those package managers when needed)
  • Sync files and folder from your local ~/.config/nvim/ onto remote machines.


ansible-galaxy install gikeymarcia.neovim


For detailed usage information checkout the README on GitHub.

Checkout the project on Ansible Galaxy.

Feedback / Extension

If you have any questions or improvements use the GitHub issue tracker. This role was designed and tested for Debian-based distros (Ubuntu, Debian, Pop_OS!, etc.) although should be safe for pretty much any x86_64 Linux. If anyone wants to help by extending this for Arch or RedHat-based Linuxes I’d love a pull request.