Neovim wiki is pointing to different (malicious?) github release page


I went to update neovim today via Installing Neovim · neovim/neovim Wiki · GitHub and noticed that the download links went to a github user page instead of the neovim releases page. The users page had a similar layout to the neovim release page but the binary in the windows one is totally different and ~700mb.

Here is the change I’m talking about: Compare Revisions · neovim/neovim Wiki · GitHub

This seems malicious to me, is it intended for these wiki pages to be open to anyone to edit? I reverted the change so the wiki points back to the neovim release page, but this is the second time this user has changed these links.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, I looked at opening an issue but they don’t seem to have a category related to this kind of thing.


Thank you for that; this was part of a concerted ongoing attack.

The Wiki is now locked to people without push access (at least for the near future); if you or anyone would like to propose a change, it’s probably best to ping a team member on Matrix about it.

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